Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Favorite blog review so far

Hard to believe it's been three weeks since publication day! There's been lots of blog reviews, including a few that have been absolute gems. Here is a small sampling. They are all intelligent, articulate, and demonstrate a deep level of understanding of The Hunt.

The Book Zone Review and Teen Librarian.

There is also a really delightful video review compiled by some students in the UK. I love it! Check it out!

But this last one has to be my favorite review. I think every author loves it when a reader/reviewer just "gets" your novel, who understands the very nuances of the book that other less discerning readers fail to grasp. Anyway, I don't know who this self-described ski-loving, vegetarian Sci-fi nerd from Australia is, but she totally gets my book. (And I also really like the comment from Novels on the Run). Anyway, whoever you are - thanks so much!

One last tidbit of Hunt-related stuff: my Aussie publisher sent me photos of a bookstore (Dymocks) in Australia (see below). They've done such a great job showcasing my book in the store and front window display. Makes me really want to hop on the next plane and visit!

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