Tuesday, April 27, 2010

book trailer!

It was an exciting first day.  I must have checked my Amazon sales rank about 25 times.  It's a little sad how it can obsess a person, these numbers.  Anyway, some nice reviews came out in the blogosphere (and a scalding critique on my Amazon page - sheesh, what is it with some people), and it's always enjoyable to read how others got something valuable out of the book.

And my publisher sent me an email late last night to let me know the book trailer has come out.  Break out your popcorn, folks! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

CROSSING is born

Tossed and turned last night in excitement and anticipation.  Checked to see if my Amazon sales rank had jumped since the last time I'd checked (ten minutes previously), as if anyone would buy a book at 3 am.

When it was close enough to dawn, I jumped out of bed.  There was something I could do, I realized.  I bought the Kindle version.  Within seconds, I was reading it.  It was neat to see Crossing and my name right there on the Kindle, right down to the chapter markers.

That's the thing about having your book released in paperback and Kindle format.  It's like you're giving birth to twins.  Fraternal twins.