Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weirdest Craigslist listing

Ever since I put my name on Google Alert, I've been getting some pretty strange alerts.  I don't think anything tops this one though, recently on Craigslist.  Apparently, two people had a James-Blunt-You're-Beautiful moment on the subway...around Crossing. Weirdness.  Here's the Craigslist post in full:
On the Brooklyn-Bound N Train (Monday or Tuesday), you were reading "Crossing" by Andrew Xia Fukuda. You stood by the train doors during the first part of your ride. The seat I was in faced you. We were gently admiring each other. When a seat opened up next to me, you sat there. This pleased me. I was curious about the book you were reading. It seemed you held the book up so that I could read the back of it. Then you opened the book wide enough for me to see and you moved a little closer. I read with you during the remainder of my ride. Thank you. I would like to see you again.

You: Asian. (I cannot guess where you are from. You are beautiful, nonetheless.)
Me: Brown-skinned female with curly hair. (I, regrettably, got off at Canal Street.)


  1. Andrew,

    That's not that weird at all! I'd say it's serendipitous...almost beautiful. In the scope of Craigslist postings, it's actually pretty refreshing.

    I just finished reading your book last night, and I really enjoyed it. I'm about to send it off to a friend in Hawaii (although I'm sure you would rather her buy her own copy :P). Most excellent ending, and you hit on a lot of those pesky male Asian stereotypes. I found the protagonist's dialogue a little stilted and inconsistent (almost too educated it seems for a "f.o.b."), and some of the scenes a little disjoint (like when the music teacher creeps on him singing in the bathroom scene). However, I realized in the end that it actually makes sense insofar as building the complex psychological case that is your main character. So in the end, with my interpretation of it (I still haven't been able to find a good place online to discuss this book's ending, dude - any suggestions?), these qualms I had early on actually made the meaning of the book even better for me. Bravo.

    Now reading this blog post, I'm inclined to wonder if I should start taking more public transportation while reading your book instead of sending it off to my friend...

  2. Andy! I just saw this. TOO cool.