Sunday, January 31, 2010

hello world, it's me

Well, I finally have my author website up and running.  My publicist has reminded me the importance of having a web presence, and it's always been in the back of my mind to do one.  I had a choice: go high-end, put down the mullahs, and get a top-notch designer to work on it, or rely on a more grounded, simple self-designed one without sacrificing a certain level of elegance.

There are plenty of stunning author websites out there, even for debut novelists, so I felt a little pressure to go that route.  In the end, though, I decided to try my own hand especially after seeing Amy Greene's website.  Although she's the incredible author of Bloodroot, published by Knopf, and currently getting all the media attention, her website is glitz-free.  I like that.  It seems more than just homespun; it seems somehow earnest and sincere.  Me likes that.

But now, having sacrificed a few sleepless nights designing this site, is there anyone out there reading these words?  In all likelihood, no.  But I write to prime the pump, to warm up for the day when readership to this blog will be more substantial, to just get the legs stretched and ready.  I'm ready, world.  You listening?


  1. Hey Andy,
    What an honor to be the first comment of your blog! I'm eagerly awaiting the stunning debut of your tour de force - am having dreams of tossing your name around in order to get into all the literary hotspots around town.
    Still listening!

    p.s. you should set up a Fan page in facebook!

  2. Hey Andy,
    I see I can pre-order your book from the Brookline Booksmith! it's right around the corner from me - I might just order from them because I think it will be awesome to go to a brick and mortar store to pick up your debut.

  3. I agree, I like the DIY feel. Also, one design principle I live by is this: can't go wrong with clean and simple. Sometimes professionally designed websites get too complex for their own good. I think you did a fine job. :)